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Joshua Strayhorn is a historian of the 19th century United States. His research interests include African American history, specifically Emancipation, Reconstruction, and migration. His dissertation examined race, religion, and migration in post-emancipation North Carolina, asking what were the political, economic, social, religious factors that contributed to black migration. In 2022, he was awarded the Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Completion fellowship. 


Joshua is also digital humanist with experience in digital projects across the field of history and experience in curriculum development. Before starting his postdoctoral fellowship, Joshua gained valuable experience working with various academic organizations throughout the United States, including the Zinn Education Project, JSTORLabs, and the National Humanities Center. His primary focus in these roles was expanding access to the histories of underrepresented populations across the country.


Joshua completed his masters and doctoral work at Duke University. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in history from North Carolina Central University.

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